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Ok, this isn’t what it sounds like LOL!!

I’ve just finished making my Dragonfly candle and cup stands, deciding to go with the white grout as I think it will look so much better than black when considering the colours of the glass used.  I’ve been sitting here admiring the finished work (as you do!) and then I remembered how my ‘normal’ mug coasters looked if some tea or coffee had dribbled on them by accident and my face fell thinking about the white grout.  I could see all that work I’d done finishing them off beautifully being ruined by a coffee coloured cup mark.

My Dragonfly coaster with the grout applied.

So being the perfectionist I am, I know there was no way I can let them leave here without some kind of protection to prevent this from happening in their new homes.  So I’ve been searching the interweb for something to do the job and have found a grout sealer (one of those ‘it does what it says on the tin’ kind of products) and it’s now ordered and paid for and will hopefully be with me in a day or so 🙂

Then I have to use one of my mosaic pieces as a guinea pig and test the grout sealer on it and see if it’s ok.

Hmm…. I don’t think I want to use one of the pieces I’ve already put all this work into for ‘the experiment’ so I’m going to make something else and test it on that.  I’ll let you know how things go 🙂


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Ok, so the Apple coasters came out ok, the Rainbow ones were better (in my opinion lol) and now I had to decide what to do next!  As some of you may know I have a bit of a ‘thing’ about Dragonflies as you can see from this, which is available on my website.

One of my 3D Dragonfly pieces

So the next piece of mosaic work had to feature Dragonflies in my mind.  So I set to work.

Dragonfly wings – Check

Dragonfly body – Check

Background – Now this did involve a little bit of thought as I had a vision of a Dragonfly hovering over a pool of water in my mind.  So I dug out all my blue stained glass scrap pieces and spend a couple of hours colour sorting it all in to light, pale, medium and dark blue.  Then I had to cut a lot of very small pieces of each shade as I decided I wanted the glass to be lighter round the Dragonfly and getting darker towards the edge of the coaster.

Once all the glass was stuck in place they looked like this, not particularly good I’ll readily admit but the grouting work still needed to be done.

Part way through the process of creating a Dragonfly mosaic candle stand.

Once the grout had been applied they looked so much better.  I decided that a white grout would look so much better on these mug stands than black as I thought the black would overpower the design.

My Dragonfly coaster with the grout applied.

I’m seriously pleased with these and hope that other people will like them as well.

If you would like more information, say if you would like to buy one, you can click on any of the photos above and you will be taken to my website.

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Ok, so the Apple coaster came out just fine, all well and good yes?  and then I looked the rest of the scrap glass I have and thought “oh poop, now to use the rest of it up” and racked my brain for inspiration.

For once it came really fast 🙂 as I recalled my love of rainbows!

The end result was these beautiful coasters which are perfect for mug or cup stands, plus are equally perfect for standing candles on.

Rainbow Stained Glass Mosaic Coaster


Stained Glass Rainbow Mosaic Cup Stand


Stained glass mosaic candle holder


Rainbow Coaster, Cup or Mug Stands or Candle Holders


I absolutely love these 🙂  If you would like anymore information on them please click on any of the photos to be taken to my website.






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That is the question I really started asking myself a few weeks ago as I was starting to accumulate so much it was taking over one of my cupboards.  Being a bit of a magpie it was definately too pretty to just chuck in the bin so I had to think of other options.  Mosaics was the simple answer of course, except I’d never tried mosaic work before.

Time to learn another skill 🙂

I decided that I would start out with some fairly easy things and make some little mug and cup stands plus a few candle stands as well.  As luck would have it our old windows were being replaced with new double glazing and the window fitters were more than happy to let me have some of the old glass to use as the backing. Out came the glass cutter, the dining room table became a temporary work surface and pretty soon I had a small supply of  coaster blanks.

Now I’m not the kind of person who can just do something which is simple and easy to make… I always have to do something a ‘tad’ more complicated than that and my first mosaic was no exception 🙂 and here is is!

One Apple Coaster which is perfect for standing your mugs or cups on or you could use it as a candle stand.

Considering it was my first ever attempt I was quite pleased with it…  And promptly went on to make another 3!




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