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I jest ok!  I didn’t really dance naked in the garden last night to try and persuade the sun to come out for a bit today.  Honest!! I wouldn’t want to frighten the neighbours for a start and no doubt if I started doing things like that ‘him indoors’ would have me committed 😦

But as luck would have it the sun was shining when I came out of work, the only thing is work is about 20 miles from home and there were a lots of clouds in the sky.  So one ‘brisk’ ride up the motorway on my motorbike later I’m at home and the sun is still shining!  WOOHOO!! So it’s a case of get in, take off my bike gear, kiss his nibs hello, a 5 second chat with the kids and I’m out in the garden with my suncatchers and camera in hand, giving the dog a quick hello pat on the head on the way past 🙂

The results speak for themselves 🙂

First up is the piece I tried unsuccessfully to photograph last night, the Wedding Anniversary piece.  It looks soooo much better today with the sun shining.   The colours of burgundy and cream were chosen as they were the colours used at the couples wedding 11 years ago.

My Stars & Swirls Suncatcher in burgundy and cream

The wedding anniversary suncatcher


Next up is my Stars & Swirls Suncatcher in pink.  I realised last night that I’ve made this piece in all colours of glass but for some reason I’ve never made a pink one!  So, as I had some pink stars in my star ‘stash’, this omission was soon rectified and I think it looks lovely.  Hopefully someone else will love it too and want to buy it to display it in a window in their home. Not only is this perfect as a treat for yourself but it would make a perfect gift for someone who was born in October as the pink glass is very similar to the birthstone Rose Zircon.

Stars & Swirls Suncatcher in pink

Pink Stars & Swirls Stained Glass Suncatcher


Lastly is another of my summer ZINGY pieces.  I decided to create the same Stars & Swirls suncatcher with the new lime green glass I got a few weeks ago.  I think this looks stunning and I really love this shade of glass.  Hopefully someone reading this will love it and if you fancy buying it you can click on the photo to be taken to my website for more information.

Lime Green Stars & Swirls suncatcher

Stars & Swirls suncatcher in lime green


Lets hope the sun shows up a bit more now that July is here, after all it is supposed to be summer time at the moment and the dreary winter will be on us before we can blink……..

Mind you, that means Christmas is on the way and I’m already going into ‘Christmas Mode’ with my stained glass!  I know the ‘C’ word is a swear word to some at the moment, what with it being July, but there’s nothing wrong with getting into the Christmas mood this early in the year.  Or maybe there is as the echos of ‘Bah Humbug’ ring in my ears from my partner 😉





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And no I don’t mean I’ve been running round like a mad thing, full to bursting with energy 🙂

I mean this 😉

lime green stained glass star suncatcher

Lime Green Stained Glass Star Cascade Suncatcher

I’ve had a sedate weekend sat at my desk creating new stained glass suncatchers for customer orders, plus I wanted to try out the new Lime Green stained glass I bought a few weeks ago and so decided to make one of my Star Cascade suncatchers with it to see how it looks.  Personally I LOVE it 🙂  It’s so bright and cheery and would be perfect to brighten up a window during the dismal summer we seem to be having.

I also accidentally made this piece using the lime green, yellow and orange!  I was having a rummage through my little box of pre-cut stars for something and laid a few of the glass stars on my desk and as I went to put them away again noticed how wicked the orange and green looked together.  Yellow was soon added and this zesty citrus piece was on the way to being created.

stained glass, citrus, orange, lemon, lime, yellow, suncatcher

Citrus Stained Glass Star Cascade Suncatcher

I do love it when a happy accident creates something lovely like this orange, lemon and lime suncatcher  🙂

For more information on these pieces please click on the photos.

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I’m really happy tonight, early on Sunday morning I sold my first piece to someone outside of the UK.  My red Stars & Swirls suncatcher will be going of to it’s new home in the USA tomorrow.  I’m just in the process of packing it up well to pop it in the post.

Here is a photo of the suncatcher in question.

Red Stars & Swirls Suncatcher

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