I’ve Been Featured!

What a lovely surprise! I got a message on Facebook this morning from the lovely ZenXStitch telling me she had featured some of my work on her blog today so I had to pop over for a look. I must admit she picked one of my favourite pieces to feature, namely my Chakra Stars & Swirls Suncatcher. I love this piece and it looks beautiful sparkling in a window on a sunny day ๐Ÿ™‚


You can find the blog post here ๐Ÿ™‚
Zenxstitch Blog

Thank you ZenXStitch ๐Ÿ™‚


New Rose Suncatchers

It must be something to do with spring being on the way but I seem to have gone into ‘flower mode’ at the moment and I’ve been busy creating some pretty new Charles Rennie Makintosh inspired roses.ย  I’m rather pleased with the way they have turned out and they looked beautiful hanging in my window while I was photographing them.

red rose stained glass suncatcher (2)

Red Rose Suncatcher

My particular favourites are the red and the white ones.ย  Red because.. well girls love red roses and white because I think the combination of the black patina on the solder works really well with the white glass.

white rose suncatcher stained glass

White Rose Suncatcher

These pretty roses would be a perfect way of having flowers in bloom in your house all year round and the upside is that they need no care at all!

Yellow Rose Suncatcher

Yellow Rose Suncatcher

WOOHOO!! Christmas is just around the corner ๐Ÿ™‚ and for me the preparations started back in JUNE!! Yes, you read that correctly!ย  The sun was shining on one of the rare sunny days we had this year and there I was cutting green glass into Holly leaves and red glass into Christmas Tree baubles!

Some of my 2012 collection have been seen before but I also have a lot of new goodies on offer too.ย  I’ve recreated my stained glass Holly Wreath with added improvements ๐Ÿ™‚ plus I’ve created a brand new Holly Suncatcher to add to the collection.

I’ve recreated my dinky little stained glass Angel Christmas Tree decorations this year too and I’m offering these for sale in a much wider range of colours.ย  At the moment there are 10 colours in the range, including a beautiful new white Angel, and I’m sure the colour choice will increase over the next month or so.ย  Please remember that if you would like the Angels in a colour not currently on offer I can also make to order in the colour of your choice.

I’ve introduced a brand new range of white Star Christmas Tree decorations which are enhanced with glittering beads and charms.ย  These I am particularly fond of as they are simple but very effective and look beautiful (just my opinion of course!)

At the moment I’m cutting a lot of glass for yet another range of Christmas Tree decorations but you will have to wait until next week to see them.ย  It’s all kind of hush hush at the moment but I’m on holiday from my day job and plan to spend the week working with my glass creating what I hope to be a beautiful range of decorations.

I think it’s going to be a very busy week ๐Ÿ™‚

The One That Got Away

Not many of you will know that we have two cats, Meep and Spot. Now Spot, our big fat hairy ginger Tom cat is a right big softy, loving cuddles and affection and always ‘talking’ to us about everything. Meep on the other hand is one of those cats who knows she is a superior being and that her species were once worshipped as gods. She is a snob and her life is on her terms. She’s always been a bit of a nightmare as far as catching birds and small animals is concerned and we (unfortunately) regularly find little corpses on the front and back door steps.

As it’s quite muggy tonight we have had the back door open all evening to let some fresh air in and Meep came in as normal. She went under the dining room table, and into her cat hidey thing (you know the sort, a wooden box covered in furry stuff). Again nothing appeared out of the ordinary until there was an odd noise and she shot under the coffee table. At that point I kind of figured that something was up and made a grab for her.

The next thing I knew a small bird was making a dive to safety under one of my supplies cupboards with Meep in hot pursuit. Meep was soon grabbed and chucked back out into the garden and that left me with a bird in the house! Thankfully my cupboards have wheels and after having a peek down the back with a mobile phone light which showed me where the bird was, I was able to move the right cupboard. Grabbing a soft tea towel I tried to lay it over the bird so I could catch it to see how it was. The bird had other ideas (hardly surprising after being in my cats mouth!) and decided to make a bid for freedom.. Straight into ‘that’ corner.. You know the one, the one at the end of the sofa where your other half has to stash stuff he really doesn’t know what to do with.. So out comes the mobile phone torch again and after digging through all his ‘treasured possessions’ the bird which turns out to be a young sparrow is located. Several attempts at catching it later it makes a dive for one of the sections in our box cabinet and is finally trapped with the aid of one of my fish keeping nets.

A very quick examination later it appears that it it is unhurt, I know it can fly and so me and the young bird take a wander out into our cul- de-sac to find a safe release spot. And off he or she goes after I let it out of the net in a neighbours shrubby garden.

Now I know that cats will catch birds and animals, it’s in their nature and I don’t go all daft because my female cat does it (Spot is too fat, lazy and like Garfield to bother with things like that) but it sure does make a change for me to be able to let one go free after Meep has had a go at it.

Good luck little bird and watch out for that black cat creeping up on you in future ๐Ÿ™‚

Cat – 0, Bird – 1!

I’ve recently opened up a stained glass shop on Etsy for the extra exposure and my viewing figuresย  have been pretty good and steady considering I’m a small fish in a MASSIVE pond.ย  I’ve regularly had my pieces ‘favourited’ and featured in treasuries and have sold some as well which has been brilliant.

So you can imagine my surprise yesterday and today when all of a sudden my listing views of this piece went bonkers!

Stained Glass Chakra Suncatcher

So after I’d sorted out all the ‘home stuff’ after getting in from work, I decided to investigate and I found that my Chakra Suncatcher had been featured on a website called Design Sponge in a style icon feature dedicated to Stevie Nicks. ย  I was over the moon as I had no idea until I checked out my viewing figures this evening.

And so I would like to thank Design Sponge for choosing one of my stained glass pieces and featuring it on their website.ย  Their feature has helped my glasswork reach a wider audience and hopefully has gained me some lovely new customers ๐Ÿ™‚


Well, it has to be doesn’t it?ย  I’m now cutting Holly leaves for Christmas decorations so that means it’s Christmas right?

So I’m going t be making LOTS and LOTS of Holly leaves as I have a few of each of these to make.

stained glass, holly, wreath, christmas decoration, xmas decoration

Stained Glass Holly Wreath

3D Stained Glass Holly Candle Holder

xmas decoration

Stained glass Holly Decoration

stained glass, holly, christmas tree, decoration, xmas decoration

Holly Christmas tree decoration

Now by my reckoning I’m going to need over 500 Holly leaves this Christmas.ย  That’s going to be a lot of cutting, grinding, foiling and soldering on my part….

Best I get on with it, LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

I jest ok!ย  I didn’t really dance naked in the garden last night to try and persuade the sun to come out for a bit today.ย  Honest!! I wouldn’t want to frighten the neighbours for a start and no doubt if I started doing things like that ‘him indoors’ would have me committed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But as luck would have it the sun was shining when I came out of work, the only thing is work is about 20 miles from home and there were a lots of clouds in the sky.ย  So one ‘brisk’ ride up the motorway on my motorbike later I’m at home and the sun is still shining!ย  WOOHOO!! So it’s a case of get in, take off my bike gear, kiss his nibs hello, a 5 second chat with the kids and I’m out in the garden with my suncatchers and camera in hand, giving the dog a quick hello pat on the head on the way past ๐Ÿ™‚

The results speak for themselves ๐Ÿ™‚

First up is the piece I tried unsuccessfully to photograph last night, the Wedding Anniversary piece.ย  It looks soooo much better today with the sun shining.ย ย  The colours of burgundy and cream were chosen as they were the colours used at the couples wedding 11 years ago.

My Stars & Swirls Suncatcher in burgundy and cream

The wedding anniversary suncatcher


Next up is my Stars & Swirls Suncatcher in pink.ย  I realised last night that I’ve made this piece in all colours of glass but for some reason I’ve never made a pink one!ย  So, as I had some pink stars in my star ‘stash’, this omission was soon rectified and I think it looks lovely.ย  Hopefully someone else will love it too and want to buy it to display it in a window in their home. Not only is this perfect as a treat for yourself but it would make a perfect gift for someone who was born in October as the pink glass is very similar to the birthstone Rose Zircon.

Stars & Swirls Suncatcher in pink

Pink Stars & Swirls Stained Glass Suncatcher


Lastly is another of my summer ZINGY pieces.ย  I decided to create the same Stars & Swirls suncatcher with the new lime green glass I got a few weeks ago.ย  I think this looks stunning and I really love this shade of glass.ย  Hopefully someone reading this will love it and if you fancy buying it you can click on the photo to be taken to my website for more information.

Lime Green Stars & Swirls suncatcher

Stars & Swirls suncatcher in lime green


Lets hope the sun shows up a bit more now that July is here, after all it is supposed to be summer time at the moment and the dreary winter will be on us before we can blink……..

Mind you, that means Christmas is on the way and I’m already going into ‘Christmas Mode’ with my stained glass!ย  I know the ‘C’ word is a swear word to some at the moment, what with it being July, but there’s nothing wrong with getting into the Christmas mood this early in the year.ย  Or maybe there is as the echos of ‘Bah Humbug’ ring in my ears from my partner ๐Ÿ˜‰




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