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With July literally just around the corner I thought I would quickly pop up a post to show you some of the stained glass suncatchers I have created using red stained glass to represent the gorgeous Ruby.  Each one of my ruby inspired stained glass is handcrafted in my studio and would make a lovely gift for a friend or loved one if they were a July baby.

So with a TADAAAAAAA… here they are 🙂

I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed creating them.  If you would like more information about the pieces please click on the photos to be taken to my website.

Ruby Birthstone Suncatcher





Ruby red stained glass circles with silver coloured wire spirals







July Birthday Ruby Birthstone Suncatcher





Little squares of red stained glass joined with red beaded links.







Ruby Star Cascade Stained Glass Suncatcher






Red stained glass stars in a beautiful cascade design.






Ruby Birthstone Suncatcher






A pretty suncatcher made using ruby red squares and hanging from a silver plated chain.





Ruby Red Stained Glass Star Circle Suncatcher






A gorgeous circle of ruby red stars hanging from a 15cm silver plated chain.





A Ruby Red Stained Glass Star For July Birthdays




A single ruby red star hanging from a 10cm silver plated chain.


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Traditionally Ruby is the birthstone for July and with July upon us (this year is going way too fast for my liking!) I thought I’d quickly mention the gorgeous Ruby red suncatchers I have in my shop which would be perfect birthday gifts.

As always please click on the photos to be taken to my website for more information on each piece.

Ruby Birthstone Suncatcher

Ruby birthstone suncatcher, july birthday

Ruby Red Star Cascade Suncatcher

My Starry Circle in a gorgeous ruby red glass

ruby red birthstone birthday suncatcher

My Stars & Swirls Suncatcher in a gorgeous ruby red glass

I have a beautiful selection of Birthstone inspired gifts on my website so if you are looking ahead for gift ideas for other birthdays, please follow THIS LINK

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I’ve been working on some new Christmas decoration designs for the last few evenings, designs which started out to be quite a simple idea in my head but developed (as they do :-S ) into something a little more complex!  The idea was to have some hanging squares with a little bit of wire work on them to embellish them, and a ribbon to finish them off. Fairly simple but beautifully effective.

So there I was cutting and foiling the squares and I started thinking “Maybe a few beads would look good on them too” and then I remembered that I had some tiny silvery beads I’d bought for another project knocking around somewhere.  So I hunted them out and got out all my other beads (I have a few!), and my findings and started fiddling.. As you do.. Within about 10 minutes I needed my glasses as I couldn’t see a flippin thing and I was already starting to go cross-eyed.  So glasses on I went back to work and as I worked I thought about those who do beadwork for a business or hobby.

Red Beaded Christmas Decoration

I take my hat off to you all!

These beads are tiny and I’m damn sure they have a life of their own!  They will ping off somewhere of their own accord, without my glasses I couldn’t see properly, and they are so flipping fiddly to work with.  How do you not lose the plot working with them all the time?  I’ve made 10 decorations so far, red and green, and still have blue and gold to go!  You must have the patience of a saint to work with them all the time!

I’ve used beads on some of my birthstone suncatchers but I’ve not tried using them in this way before and having done just this little bit of bead work in the last few days it’s really made me appreciate how much time and effort must go into your work.

Green Beaded Christmas Decoration

As a result I’ll now look at bead work with a fresh perspective, having realised what actually goes into it 🙂

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