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And no I don’t mean I’ve been running round like a mad thing, full to bursting with energy 🙂

I mean this 😉

lime green stained glass star suncatcher

Lime Green Stained Glass Star Cascade Suncatcher

I’ve had a sedate weekend sat at my desk creating new stained glass suncatchers for customer orders, plus I wanted to try out the new Lime Green stained glass I bought a few weeks ago and so decided to make one of my Star Cascade suncatchers with it to see how it looks.  Personally I LOVE it 🙂  It’s so bright and cheery and would be perfect to brighten up a window during the dismal summer we seem to be having.

I also accidentally made this piece using the lime green, yellow and orange!  I was having a rummage through my little box of pre-cut stars for something and laid a few of the glass stars on my desk and as I went to put them away again noticed how wicked the orange and green looked together.  Yellow was soon added and this zesty citrus piece was on the way to being created.

stained glass, citrus, orange, lemon, lime, yellow, suncatcher

Citrus Stained Glass Star Cascade Suncatcher

I do love it when a happy accident creates something lovely like this orange, lemon and lime suncatcher  🙂

For more information on these pieces please click on the photos.


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